This is my first batch of t-shirts - complete with my own adorable face so you’re never alone again! Looks even more cute with a long t-shirt underneath!


They’re 100% vegan, 100% organic cotton, 100% sustainable, 100% plastic free, and 100% drawn by me! That’s right. These babies are totally eco-friendly. Go here to find out more. Stock is very limited!

Scaredy Kat T-Shirt

  • - Vegan ink, organic, sustainable & plastic free.

    - The instructions below should help the T-shirts last longer and limit damage. However, the best way to wash is always by hand in cold water. 

    • Wash on low heat 30 degree, cool wash
    • Wash garment turned inside out
    • Avoid washing t-shirts with items that have zips
    • Avoid drying in long periods of direct sunlight
    • Do not add bleach to the wash
    • Do not tumble dry after washing
    • Hang dry
    • Do not iron print

Designed and developed by Ruth WP. Art by Scaredy Kat.