Thank you so much for clicking on this page - it's really important to me! The environment is something that Pussy Kat and I really care about. We try our best in a lot of ways to be as environmentally aware as possible and we always want to take the next step in being kinder to the planet. You may not know this, but we're vegan too - as animal obsessives, it makes sense to us. However, being vegan is not just about animal liberation as it also hugely benefits the environment too! A big social stereotype for vegans is that they reckon they’re ‘perfect’ - but that's not the case… well, not all the time anyway. I know I‘m not perfect and being vegan isn’t about perfection. It’s about doing as much as you are able to do in order to fight for animal liberation, be healthy, and help save the world we live in before it's too late! (FYI the date for ‘too late' is said to be 2040 so not that much time!!) 

So, that said, Pussy and I thought we would offer you a few tips that we try and follow in case you wanted to learn about how to be more eco-friendly! Saving the planet may seem like a big thing for one person to do, but if everyone does a few small things, together we can make the world a sexier place (seriously, we are literally killing ourselves here.) 

20 things you can do to reduce climate change...


This one is the SINGLE BEST thing that you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. There are many reasons for this (cows produce greenhouse gases, add to deforestation and water pollution etc.) which you can look up or watch documentaries on (e.g. ‘Cowspiracy’ on Netflix) if you’re interested. But if you want to find out your own diet’s carbon footprint, check out this quiz and increase your awareness: CLICK ME!

2. Try to buy local (seasonal & organic) food / grow your own

When you buy imported food from the big-chain supermarkets, it has travelled thousands of miles to get to your plate which increases global warming. Buying local fights global warming as, for example, it preserves local wildlife and reduces fossil fuel use from travel - it also helps support your community as well.

3. Invest in a water bottle to cut out non-reusable plastic

In the U.K., 38.5 million plastic water bottles are used every day (find out more). These bottles need fossil fuels (non-renewable energy) in order to be made. This requires water extraction which, in turn, damages the local ecosystem and creates plastic pollution. Plastic like this cannot biodegrade so it either ends up in the sea being ingested by animals; it’s burnt, which releases harmful emissions; or, rarely, it’s recycled. So that’s all pretty shit. However, by getting a reusable water bottle, not only do you reduce waste, pollution and greenhouse gases, you also save money, get to have hot and cold drinks, whilst keeping track of how much you’re drinking too.


4. Use public transport or just walk

By taking a bus or train, cycling or walking, you can reduce your impact on the environment. Public transport reduces the number of vehicles on the road which means less emissions, noise and roadblocks. Many buses and trains in major cities are also switching to electric power which is amazing! Finally, If you walk, you're helping the planet and it’s healthy too.


5. Try buying second hand & vegan clothes

New clothes or “fast fashion” alongside our throw-away culture has a massive impact on the environment. Alongside the carbon emissions from transport, the wastewater is insane with thousands of gallons of water needed to make just one pair of jeans! In addition, textile workers are paid insufficient wages and are forced to work long hours in horrendous conditions. Moreover, buying vegan (no real leather and fur) is also better for the environment as leather is treated with toxic chemicals and the fur industry threatens biodiversity and endangered species. That, and it’s unbelievably cruel. Every time I choose a new drag outfit, a lot of it is second hand. It’s a lot cheaper and yet I still look this good.


6. Use a soap bar

By swapping out plastic soap bottles for soap bars with no plastic, you can reduce how much pollution you add to the world. This is an easy thing to do and there's loads of options!

7. Get a metal straw

Like the soap bars, getting a metal straw helps you cut that extra bit of plastic from your life. 

8. Eat everything on your plate

When food is thrown away, it mostly ends up in landfill, which produces a lot of methane amongst other things. By only ever buying what you need, you can cut down on damage (so things don’t go moldy before you eat them.) If you get food at school / uni / buffets or anything like that, then only fill your plate with the amount of food you know you can eat. 

9. Take shorter showers (5 minutes)

Billions of gallons of water is wasted every year just from wastage in the shower (find out more.) Not only that, but showers also use up a lot of energy when they run for a long time. So, you could set a timer and reduce how long it takes you to get all clean and cute!

10. Turn off lights and other switches

Turning off lights and unplugging devices when you aren’t using them will help cut-down on energy used. But you know that.

11. Sell your old clothes/ donate them

Instead of contributing to our throw-away culture, donate your old clothes to people who need them or get some extra money by selling them! 

12. Buy e-books or second hand books

Paper used for books requires trees and we need trees - they love us and we should love them. In order to help our environment just buy second hand or e-books instead.

13. Bring your own bags to the supermarket

Everyone knows plastic bags are awful so, instead of ignoring it, invest in a reusable bag - this will make a difference in the long term. I take a cute little pastel pink backpack whenever I go shopping - it looks sexy, helps nature and doesn’t make my arms hurt! (I’m joking but, seriously, I’m a scrawny little bitch that needs two straps.)

14. Pack your own lunch instead of buying pre-made in plastic

This is something that takes some planning but it really does make a difference. There are loads of videos and blogs online for good pack lunch ideas - even vegan meals for a pound!

15. Pick up litter when you see it

Very easy to do, if not a bit gross. I was in the park with Pussy once and we saw a crow try and eat a deflated balloon. If it had, it could have choked, and if it hadn’t choked, it would have had a piece of rubber sitting in its stomach. I’d be seriously freaking out if I’d made that happen so, to avoid animals eating our crap, firstly, THROW IT AWAY and, if you see any on the ground, try and pick it up. 


16. Plant some trees

This one is something not many of us can do but, if you can, then you should try! Less trees means less oxygen and less oxygen means death and that’s just not fun.

17. Buy cruelty-free and vegan products

This is something that everyone can do. Some things are hard to find so it depends how much you care, but the internet exists and it is sooo easy to google if something is cruelty free or not now. It’s difficult to find cruelty free, vegan, plastic free & sustainable products but even if you’re just switching your everyday makeup and hair routine for cruelty free and vegan brands it will still make a difference! Do it for all the cute, fluffy animals (like me.)

18. Buy eco-friendly presents for family and friends

I never know what to get people so making stuff is always my best option - you can recycle old crap and use up things you have lying around. However, if you don’t want to do that, you can find loads of eco-friendly gifts online. It seems like a small thing but it still helps!

19. Be informed

I don’t know every fact and statistic but I do know that we are fucking up the planet - and that’s in a lot more than one way. I’ve had a lot of people intensely question Pussy and I on why we’re vegan and we’ve learnt that the more you know, the better.


If you care about the planet, our environment and all of the animals in it, then one of the most powerful things you can do is speak up. Generation Z may be the last generation that can actually do something about the shit things that are happening. Contact your local MP and tell them to help protect our environment, go to demonstrations (London: I'll see you there), speak to your family and friends, and be active on social media to encourage positive changes. Mother Nature’s dying, bitch! Help!


Written & researched by Scaredy and Pussy Kat.

Designed and developed by Ruth WP. Art by Scaredy Kat.