Hello, sexy. I see you’ve made it to my website. You’re making the right choices. I’m sure you already know this by now but I’m Scaredy Kat - general pussy and full-time superstar! I’m a baby drag queen living the big girl fantasy, from the bedroom scene to the T.V. screen! I'm a contestant on that new Rupaul’s Drag Race U.K. thing - hilarious, I know. But, basically, that means that the world has finally woken up to the spectacle that is Scaredy Kat and now it's all about me me me! Well... and the other 9, but don’t worry about them. 


There’s more to me than just being the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! I do art (which you can find here), play instruments, write my own music, and try my best with activism. It’s all going on here. 

But most of all, I'm a pussy bitch! And proud. It's sickly and gross (like most of my outfits) but I strongly believe in being your total self, all the time - look at me, I'm like a proper celebrity saying shit like that. But for real, be youDo what you have to do to be you, and if anyone gets in your way, then fuck them in the face. Hard.


I've chosen to be a cartoon girl (I viciously suggest you do the same) and drag is how she comes to life. Drag is an extremely malleable thing to me - meaning it has many ways of revealing itself! I’ve always done art but, to me, that doesn’t stop at drawing or sculpture. I see drag as art (oh how fucking pretentious is that). But seriously, in many ways, it is. Not art in the farty sense but art in a different way. 


So, welcome to my website. Check out all my crap and spend lots of money!

Contact Bookings/ Info/ Press: patrick@pbjmanagement.co.uk

Designed and developed by Ruth WP. Art by Scaredy Kat.